现代奴隶制是一种犯罪,是对基本人权的侵犯. 它有多种形式, 比如奴隶制, 奴役, 强迫和强制劳动以及人口贩运, all of which have in common the deprivation of a person's liberty by another to exploit them for personal or commercial gain.

We are committed to ensuring that our practices do not support organisations or individuals who engage in slavery and human trafficking.

This statement is made pursuant to section 54(1) of the Modern Slavery Act 2015 and constitutes our slavery and human trafficking statement for the financial year ending 31st July 2021.


皇冠6686官网是英国高等教育领域领先的大学, 在教学和研究方面享有盛誉, 与商业和工业的紧密联系和无与伦比的体育成就. 学校有18,500多名学生和3,600多名教职员工. 在2020/21年度,皇冠6686官网的总收入是£311.700万英镑,总支出302英镑.500万年. 

拉夫堡的大法官是正式的首席官员. The Chancellor is also an ex-officio member of the University Council and confers degrees on Loughborough’s graduates. 大学校董会是管理机构, 负责大学的战略和整体治理. 它是所有员工的正式雇主,每年开会四次. 委员会主席是资深大法官克里斯汀·霍奇森.

校务委员会负责大学的学术工作, 学术奖项, 教学科研质量. 它的成员来自该大学的学术人员. 

The day-to-day running of the University is the responsibility of the Vice Chancellor and President, 尼克·詹宁斯教授, 谁是学术和行政主管. 副校长与 学术领导团队 包括:教务长和副校长, 三个副校长, 首席运营官, 财务总监和9个学院院长. 他还与其他高级官员密切合作.

大学有 9的学校,在 100个研究团体、研究所和中心12个专业服务功能.



房地产/建筑 53.7%
IT & 电信 18.1%
专业服务 13.2%
实验室 & 医疗 6.0%
家具 2.5%
图书馆 2.3%
餐饮 2.0%
视听 0.9%
国内/清洁 0.6%
旅行 & 住宿 0.5%
办公用品 0.1%
邮政服务 0.1%

皇冠6686官网已经对皇冠6686官网的合同进行了高层次的风险评估, identifying where supply chains extend into sectors and territories that are high risk in terms of the potential presence of modern slavery. 高风险的子类别是房地产/建筑,IT & 电信, 餐饮, 专业清洁服务, 出租车, 实验室用品(手套), 个人防护装备/工作服/运动套装/宣传休闲装.


皇冠6686官网大学战略, workplace policies and procedures demonstrate our commitment to acting ethically and with integrity in all our business relationships. 皇冠6686官网致力于确保供应链中没有现代奴隶制, 在皇冠6686官网的业务中也没有. 皇冠6686官网的人力资源政策和程序反映了英国的就业法律.

皇冠6686官网的 检举政策 为员工提供指导, 学生, members of its Council and other members of the University on the procedure for the disclosure of information which, 在那个人的合理信念中, 是否符合公众利益并倾向于显示一种或多种类型的医疗事故, 政策中规定的不当行为或危险.

The University’s Procurement Regulations require compliance with the Modern Slavery Act 2015. The University’s Sustainable Procurement Guidance Note explicitly references the Modern Slavery Act 2015, with slavery and human trafficking included within the pre-procurement risk assessment tool. It also prompts consideration of the appropriateness of using labour standards (包括 ILO core conventions) as selection criteria.

皇冠6686官网的 Ethical Investment Policy includes a commitment to make investments in an ethically responsible manner.


也反映在皇冠6686官网的政策和程序中, 《皇冠6686官网》的要求被写入了皇冠6686官网的工作文件. The risk of modern slavery within the supply chain is flagged and mitigated within the Procurement Strategy checklist/template, pre-qualification/tender documents and the University’s Standard Terms and Conditions.

大学购买了 NetPositive Futures的供应商参与工具, meaning our suppliers can access the tool free of charge to create a Sustainability Action Plan for their business. 在相关的, the tool identifies actions for the supplier to take to mitigate the risk of modern slavery within their supply chain. The tool allows the University to run reports to see supplier progress against identified actions within their plan(s). The University’s template contract award letter encourages suppliers to use the tool, where its use is not to be made contractual due to the significance of slavery (or sustainability factors) given the nature of the contract.

此外, 皇冠6686官网的合同摘要模板, 合同签订后,哪些工作由采购团队完成, 让合同经理关注关键的合同交付物, 绩效衡量和风险等.,包括现代奴隶风险评级. 合同摘要模板, 还有皇冠6686官网的合同审查会议议程模板, 还要注意NetPositive行动计划进度报告的可用性, 包括 the supplier’s progress in taking forward any modern slavery mitigation actions.

The University continues to engage with other universities and higher education purchasing consortia, not least the North Eastern Universities Purchasing Consortium (NEUPC) of which the University is a member, to agree how best our combined resource may be used to identify and monitor risks of modern slavery in our supply chains.

和德蒙福特大学的同行一起, the Director of Procurement has lobbied the Home Office to use the Government’s weight and resource to ensure more practical steps are taken to mitigate the risk of slavery and human trafficking in public/HE sector supply chains. 特别是, it has been suggested that the Crown Commercial Service could do more in auditing the supply chains that feed its high-risk framework agreements, 在公共/高等教育部门使用. 他们现在都是公共采购现代奴隶制组织的成员, 成立于2021年2月,旨在回应这种游说.


皇冠6686官网对现代奴隶制零容忍. As well as taking mitigating measures through the procurement/contract management process (包括 adding appropriate pre-qualification/tender questions and standard contract clauses), 大学表达了这一政策, explained the Modern Slavery Act and the related measures we have added to our processes, 在当地供应商的活动中.


采购团队接受了来自NetPositive Futures的现代奴隶制培训, 格林威治大学和道德交易倡议. 所有 staff involved in procurement are made aware of the risks and indicators of modern slavery in our supply chains, 连同上述的缓解措施, 作为皇冠6686官网内部采购培训的一部分. 所有 staff have been made aware of the free Modern Slavery online training module made available by the British Universities Finance Directors Group (BUFDG).


所有 tendering exercises undertaken by the Procurement team during 2020/21 incorporated the standard modern slavery risk mitigation measures now built into our procurement process. 

在这一年中, the Procurement team has sort out and used a number of tools for checking the performance of our suppliers in protecting workers’ rights, 包括 BetterWork 皇冠6686官网的服装合同 知道链 皇冠6686官网的资讯科技合约. 

皇冠6686官网还利用了作为一部分开发的资源 加强共同建设计划, adding the following requirement to our Invitation to Tender template for Estates/Construction category contracts: 


  • Ensure that the Site Manager (as a minimum) has undertaken training on how to identify and respond to signs of modern slavery among Contractor employees working on the University site; and 
  • 清楚地展示关于大学网站的海报说明, 所有相关语言, 多么强迫的劳动呀,怎样去报告它的事件呀, 包括通过现代奴隶制热线. 




On behalf of the Council of 6686体育集团官网 which approved this statement on 25th November 2021.